Eco-Friendly Ganpati Murtis | Ganesha Idols.

The Ganesha idols are hand-made from red clay soil by highly skilled artisans of Mumbai.

Not only the red clay is auspicious but is also very Earth-friendly.

The red clay murti is considered to be having a lot of healing properties.

This Eco-Friendly Ganeshji is Biodegradable and 100% dissolvable in water.

A plant will be provided with the murti which can be planted at home quite effortlessly.

These Ganesha Idols come in various sizes of 12 Inches (1 Ft), 15 Inches (1.25 Ft), and 18 Inches (1.5 Ft) height respectively.

Bring red clay Ganesha idol at home and promote Greener Ganeshotsav.

only pure organic colors are used.

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